Exact Change: Short Fiction

Henry James Korn’s first book, this collection of short form fiction was originally published by Assembling Press in 1974 with an original lithograph cover by photographer and print-maker Scott Hyde.

It now finds a new life in digital form as an e-book. Of particular interest to modern audiences are several clear links from Korn’s late 60’s and early 70’s literary experiments to the anticipated major themes, characters, and plot points in his 2016 debut novel Amerikan Krazy.

Memorable stories include King Kong in the Kitchen, The Condemned of Altoona, and One Thing Perfectly Clear. It also contains one of his earliest modular experimental efforts The Pontoon Manifesto which was published separately in a variety of formats.

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The short fiction included in the book:

  • The Condemned of Altoona
  • The History of France
  • Four Dreams Dreamed by the Girl Who Ate Three Desserts
  • King Kong in the Kitchen
  • One Thing Perfectly Clear
  • The Pontoon Manifesto
  • Tampa — June 2, 1898
  • Dogs in War
  • Low and Behold

Reviews and Comments

“New approaches to fiction include Henry James Korn’s Exact Change. An opener will indicate his sardonic style: ‘King Kong is a great cook. Not just competent, or a good cook, though this would itself be remarkable considering his great girth and unopposable thumb, but a truly wonderful chef.'”

–Bill Katz, Best Small Press Titles of 1974, Library Journal

“I prize these remarkably witty and inventive fictions for their formal diversity and their author’s control of tone within each form.”
–Richard Kostelanetz

“Henry James Korn supplies some of the best prose coming out of contemporary America.”
–Carl Harrison-Ford, The Australian

“The layering of exotic and often breathtakingly lovely imagery is cryptic and suggestive moving horizontally and vertically at equally stiff clips. This work sets its own terms, satisfies them and disconnects.”
–Tom Ahern, Margins


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Publication History

Exact Change: Short Fiction
Written by Henry James Korn

Published: February 15, 2016 by Boffo Socko Books
E-Book .mobi (Kindle) format
ISBN: 978-1-943912-06-3

Published: Fall 1974 by Assembling Press
Paperback, 56 pages
ISBN: 0-915-066-19-2

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